Skin Cancer Checks


Here at Coastal Skin & Laser we offer skin checks with a total body mapping service using FotoFinder technology.

Skin Cancer Checks with Total Body Mapping

LED Light Therapy

How Does it work?

Total body mapping is performed in our especially designed body mapping room by capturing clinical images of all body areas.  The camera slides up and down a stand for fast and consistent photography.  Captured images are displayed immediately on-screen and directly and securely stored in the patient file.

When you return for your follow up images – comparisons are made quickly and easily and the technology will automatically highlight changes to pre-existing moles as well as detecting new moles.

After the mapping is complete, the doctor will assess the highlighted moles and use the powerful dermatoscope to capture up close images of any moles that look suspicious in nature.

A plan will then be made with you and your treating doctor on the course of treatment.
This can incorporate the following:

  • Follow up dermoscopy  (to monitor moles that don’t need excising, but need tracking)
  • Biopsy of a mole (taking a sample and sending it to the lab for exact diagnosis)
  • Excision (taking the whole lesion in our treatment room)
  • Cryotherapy (using liquid nitrogen to ablate pre-malignant moles)

How do I prepare for my appointment?

  • Remove make up and nail polish prior to your appointment
  • Avoid having spray tan close to your appointment date
  • Avoid having IPL/ Laser within one month of your appointment date
  • Ensure you have clean skin
  • Wear light coloured under garments (briefs not boxer shorts for men)
  • If you are hairy in areas which you have moles – you may consider waxing/shaving those areas 7 days prior to appointment time (to allow any skin reactions to heal)
  • If you have any moles / spots you are concerned about – either mark them or photo them to remind yourself to ask the doctor.
  • If you have had prior skin cancer excisions, it’s helpful to bring a copy of the pathology result with you.

How much does it cost?

Note: If an excision or punch biopsy is required, there may be an out of pocket fee. Your doctor or nurse will advise you of this at the time.